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A Message - Feb. 21, 2022

Dear friends,

As we continue living into the 3rd year of this pandemic, my traveling and teaching at events continues to take a pause. At this time, the only avenues for my classes are online and though I have taught a handful of classes when the pandemic started, my plan to continue to do so has fallen short. However, an opportunity has come up for me to make my classes and lessons available online through a subscription portal. So, please stay tuned for a future announcement.

On a more personal note, I miss teaching and being a part of communities in my immediate locale and around the world, seeing friends and getting to hold them in dance, witnessing dancers discover joy in dancing, and in turn, giving me a sense of reward and purpose in what I do. When the world has found ways to move on and continue with day-to-day life, it saddens me that our activity of dance is one that´s high risk in relation to the pandemic. I know that some of you have resumed dancing and some dance events are back up and running. But as far as my personal involvement is concerned, I feel I am not yet ready. Also, I feel the need to be responsible, not only to myself and loved ones, but to people´s health given my position as a teacher who travels from one community to the next. Though I may be absent on the dance floor (physical and virtual) I continue to monitor the news and worldwide information to assess the situation on when I can join you all. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, practice safe and good health practices and measures to ensure your protection as well as others.

I look forward to the day when we can be all together dancing again without much worry and risk.

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Online Dance Classes

During these times of isolation and quarantine, series classes are being offered online in collaboration with Blue Move BCN, based in Barcelona. Dexter will be teaching a variety of topics every Friday in April and every other Friday in May. Class hours will be from 7pm to 8pm, (Barcelona time) and 10am to 11am (Seattle/PST). To see the schedule and to register, click here. Classes will be taught via the Zoom online platform.

New Choreography

Dexter has created a new solo Blues choreography routine to Slim Harpo's "My Little Queen Bee Got A Brand New King!" Click here to view the new choreography which debuted in Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai during Dexter's Asia tour in 2019.

New website features!

To further promote education and understanding of Blues dance, history, and culture as well as to promote more awareness of existing documentary videos, new menus have been added to the website: BLUES DANCE IDIOMS, BLUES DANCE AESTHETICS, and HISTORICAL VIDEOS. These pages are an ongoing work in progress, but check them out!

Workshops/Dance Events

Dexter Santos teaches at his first event for 2020 in Barcelona, Spain at Blue Lemon Solo Blue Festival. For more information, visit the BlueMove BCN website here.

Workshops/Dance Events
JUN 12-14, 2020 SEOUL, S. KOREA (Cancelled)

Dexter Santos returns to Seoul once again to teach at Blues Alive 2020. For more info, click here.

Workshops/Dance Events
JUL 3-5, 2020 MINSK, BELARUS (Cancelled)

Dexter Santos returns once again to Minsk to teach at Blues Spirit. Chapter 2: Chicago. For more info, click here.