I’ve been interviewed again by Stephen York of Sweet Choreography Blog, this time for my choreography to Duke Ellington’s “Black Beauty” from a performance in Toronto in November 2013. Find out how this choreography came about, the inspiration behind the dance, who Duke Ellington tributes this song to, and how I’ve unintentionally channeled a Charlie Chaplin dance.

The song I used for my choreography is Duke Ellington’s 1960’s version from his Unknown Sessions album which has a fuller sound and utilizes the talents of his band members. Did you know that the original version, which came out in 1928, is a solo stride piano piece? Listen to it here and also learn about the context in which this music was created and the speculation behind its creation.

More interviews from my other choreographies and performances such as Etta James’ “I Prefer You” and Duke Ellington’s “The Swingers Get The Blues” also appear on Sweet Choreography Blog. I hope you enjoy reading them!

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