I've been reflecting on my recent tour of Asia teaching in Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai feeling grateful for the opportunity to, not only visit these places, but also to share and contribute my joy and passion for Blues dancing. How can 5 weeks feel so long and go by so fast at the same time? How can someone long for home and yet miss other places recently traversed at the same moment? As I've come to the end of my Asia tour, I reflect on the places I've set foot in and familiarized myself with, the wonderment and excitement I've felt taking in the experience of a new city, and most of all, the people I've come to know and form friendships with. How does one feel so close and connected to people in only a span of a week and a few days? Perhaps it's the openness that comes naturally in dance and people's kindness in welcoming you into their communities and homes that it doesn't take long for people to grow comfortable and attached to each other. I feel sad for leaving just as I was getting to know them. I'm grateful to be part of these communities in contributing to their enrichment in Blues dance. I don't take for granted what I do as a teacher and I'm very blessed in how people value me and my contributions. I've so much to express and my heart is full, but for now I just want to say a big kamsahamnida and xie xie to everyone and all who have made this Asia tour a wonderful and memorable experience for me.

My special thanks and gratitude go to Melissa Kim (Seoul), Claire Wu (Taipei), Annie Luo (Beijing). and Jenny Du (Shanghai) and their wonderful respective teams and welcoming communities. Thank you so much for what you do for your communities and collaborating together in making my 1st Asia tour a reality!

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