Dear dance friends, we are certainly living in tough and challenging times unlike anything we´ve ever experienced before. We are faced with a crisis with which we have nothing to base our experiences from or from which we can draw coping mechanisms from previous experiences to face our new everyday reality spent in isolation and quarantine. What adds to the stress and anxiety we all feel is the uncertainty of how long the coronavirus situation will endure. How much of it will continue to affect our daily lives when we start to emerge from our homes back into some kind of normalcy? I, myself, am struggling creatively as a teacher and artist when self-care, self-soothing, and my own mental health (which is very essential during these times) is what I prioritize before anything else. I have become even more aware of my own mental and physical state, continuing to evaluate, question, and re-assess my own well-being. One of the things that I´ve learned which can help us in our physical, mental, and even emotional well-being as we spend time at home is to create a routine or practice, whether that be yoga, exercise, or dance.

As I spend my time here in lockdown in Barcelona, Spain on my 4th week of quarantine, I am grateful for the Blues dance community here for providing me an opportunity to continue to teach and to add to my own sense of normalcy through routine. To help us get back to dancing and learning in these times of isolation and quarantine, I am honored to announce series classes offered online in collaboration with Blue Move BCN. I will be teaching a variety of topics every Friday in April and every other Friday in May. Class hours will be from 7pm to 8pm, (Barcelona time) and 10am to 11am (Seattle/PST), and 1pm to 2pm (EST). To see the schedule and to register, click here. Classes will be taught via the Zoom online platform.

Hang in there, keep dancing, and I´ll see you on Fridays!

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