HEIDI FITE began dancing and teaching the Blues in St. Louis in 1999 and has been dancing, teaching, and performing ever since. An early promoter of Blues dancing, she began the first national Blues dance workshop, Cheap Thrills which has since transformed into the nation’s largest Blues dance workshop and competition weekend, bluesSHOUT!.


She now lives in Oakland, California and travels the world teaching Blues dancing as a living tradition, with a rich history and an exciting future. From private lessons and local classes to international workshops and historical research and

documentation of the dance, she is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Blues dancing.

Her classes are inspiring and challenging, but her focus on the underlying principles and fundamentals allows her to break down the most difficult concepts and moves so they are easy to understand and incorporate. Heidi is able to communicate and instill in her students a love of dance and a dedication to the learning process. More important, her classes will put some serious "boom boom boom" and "aw haw haw haw" in your dancing. Heidi and Dexter have taught at various national and international events including Austin Blues Party (Austin, TX), BamBLOOZled (Washington, D.C.), Rain City Blues (Seattle, WA), Steel City Blues  Festival (Pittsburgh, PA), Fallin’ In Blues (Grenoble, France), and Korea Blues Camp (Seoul, Korea).

*Inset photo courtesy of Ben Hejkal

MICHELLE RICHTER has been dancing for over 20 years and studying dance for about 17 years. Her background in ballet and modern dance has inspired her to focus on technique combined with creative movement in her teaching style. She has studied the movement of the human body in many forms of dance, including African-Caribbean, Jazz, Contact Improvisation, Belly Dance, Hip Hop and various Ballroom styles. Michelle also enjoys performing and creating choreography. For the last 12 years, her main focus has bee Lindy-Hop and Blues dancing. Her teaching

focuses on connection, attitude and self-expression, proper body mechanics, and one-on-one attention. She finds that her profession as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, which gives her extensive knowledge of anatomy/physiology, compliments her dance instruction in a unique way.

Michelle teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area and with Dexter has taught at various national events.  Together, they have both taught at Blues Rising (San Francisco), California Invasion (Seattle), bluesShout (Chicago), Austin Blues Party (Austin), Down Home Blues Festival (San Francisco), BamBLOOZled (Washington D.C.), and Mile High Blues (Denver).


Competition Accomplishments:

*bluesShout Invitational Jack and Jill Division Champion 2007, 2008 *bluesShout Strictly Ballroom Blues Division Champion 2007, 2008, 2010 (with partner Dexter Santos)


Visit Michelle’s website at: bluestherapist.com

*Inset photo courtesy of Eric Carter

Dexter also teaches with the following teachers from around the U.S. and the world:

Campbell Miller (Austin): austinsocialdance.com

Flouer Evelyn (New York): flouerdances.com

Galit Weinfeld (New York): galitdances.com

Grace Jones-Taylor (Austin): gracedances.com

Ilaria Parisi (London): facebook.com/nickandilaria

Jenny Sowden (New York): jennysowden.com

Julie Brown (Boston): dancewithjulie.wordpress.com

Karen Smith (Seattle): facebook.com/dedicateddance

Noemi Blue (Barcelona): noemiblue.com

Noni Healy (Melbourne): nonimayclarke.com

Whitton Frank (Los Angeles): whittonfrank.com