A selection of dance performance, demo, and contest videos featuring Dexter Santos. Click here to view more of Dexter's videos on YouTube.

NEW!  Dexter Santos performs his new choreography, the "Queen Bee Routine" with Blues dancers at Keep Your Blues Alive with Dexter in Seoul inNovember 2019! The choreography is danced to Slim Harpo's "My Little Queen Bee Got A Brand New King."

Dexter Santos takes first place in the Open Strictly competition at BluesSHOUT 2019 with partner Melisande Leduc from Montreal!

Dexter Santos & Whitton Frank lead a class of Korean Blues dancers in a performance of choreography created during Korea Blues Camp 2017 in Seoul, South Korea.

Gem Antoja Castelltort (dancer and teacher at Blue Move BCN) from Barcelona, Spain leads a class of students in performing Dexter's Hound Dog Blues Routine.

Ilaria & Nick (teachers from London) perform Dexter's Hound Dog Routine with their students at the Swingfest 2017 cabaret in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Dexter's latest choreography with Noemi Blue (from Barcelona, Spain) to Nina Simone's Tell Me More and More and then Some performed at bluesSHOUT! 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. This choreography explores the story of two lovers and the complications of their relationship as expressed in Nina Simone's expressive singing and playing.

Dexter competes in the finals with Melissa Kim (from Seoul, So. Korea) in the Newcomer J & J competition at bluesSHOUT! 2017. The Newcomer J & J is a contest for dancers who have not competed and placed in any previous contest. For the finals, the finalists (in which 3 follows and 3 leads are chosen) are randomly paired with a professional. In this contest, the Newcomer (amateur) follows and leads are judged, not the Pros. One follow and one lead is chosen as a winner. Melissa took 2nd place. Watch their spotlights at the 1:20 and 7:55 mark.

A Solo Blues routine to Tin Roof Blues by Louis Armstrong performed at Petit eSpanish Blues Festival 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

A group Solo Blues routine taught by Dexter Santos and Ilaria Parisi, performed with students integrating their own choreography. Danced to Tell Me by Howlin' Wolf at Drag The Blues 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

Dexter competes in the finals with Soh Young Kim (from Seoul, So. Korea) in the Novice J & J competition at bluesSHOUT! 2016. The Novice J & J is a contest for dancers who have not competed and placed in any previous contest. For the finals, the finalists (in which 3 follows and 3 leads are chosen) are randomly paired with a professional. In this contest, the Newcomer (amateur) follows and leads are judged, not the Pros. One follow and one lead is chosen as a winner. Soh Young took 1st place. Watch their spotlights at the 1:04 and 7:48 mark.

This performance to Duke Ellington's The Swingers Get The Blues reprises a choreography from 2009 that was performed as a trio with Damon Stone and topher Howard at Down Home Blues Festival in San Francisco. It was only performed once. Six years later at Sweet Molasses Blues 2015 in Boston, it is performed as a solo piece to a crowd of dancers, some who are seeing it for the very first time. What's old is new and what's new is old. To see the original video of the trio performance and learn about the creation of this choreography, visit Stephen York's Sweet Choreography Blog.

Though this is not Dexter's choreography, this is an entertaining and hilarious performance to watch. Julie Brown and Jenn Martinez from Boston perform a homage mimicking Dexter's moves while pushing it further by adding their own inspired and over-the-top moves to hilarious effect. Their performance parodies Dexter's choreography to I Prefer You which was performed with Heriberto Perez at bluesSHOUT 2014 in Chicago. The costumes and even the music (another Etta James song) were inspired from it. Read more about the creation of this performance on Sweet Choreography Blog.

Dexter Santos and Heidi Fite perform a choreographed routine to Etta James' Baby What You Want Me To Do in front of a Korean audience at Korea Blues Camp 2014.

Dexter Santos reprises his signature Hound Dog Blues Routine performing it with dancers from his Solo Blues choreography class at Drag The Blues 2014, Barcelona, Spain. The choreography was taught in the afternoon and performed later in the evening. This is the first time the routine is taught in Europe, which would later spark interest and performances in other countries.

Dexter Santos and Heriberto Perez (from Cleveland, OH) perform to Etta James' I Prefer You at bluesSHOUT! 2014 in Chicago. Read more about the creation of this performance on Sweet Choreography Blog: What Makes The Blues Work.

During his workshop weekend in Toronto, Dexter performs his choreography to Duke Ellington's Black Beauty at the Toronto Lindy Hop Cabaret, November 30, 2013 at the Dovercourt House in Toronto, ON, Canada. This choreography was specially made as a tribute to the Toronto Blues dance scene. Learn more about the creating of this song on the Sweet Choreography Blog.

A spontaneous solo Blues jam happens where Dexter gets to strut his stuff with the local Korean dancers during one of the evening dances at Bluesweet 2013 in Seoul, So. Korea. Awesome dancing and some hilarity ensues!

Dexter's original Hound Dog Blues routine is full of hips, swagger, and cool! Incorporating blues movement vocabulary as well as some personal blues stylings, Dexter performs his signature routine inspired by this 1952 twelve-bar blues hit by Big Mama Thornton. Put on your cool hats and get ready to wag your tail with this dance that's being taught and performed in many countries in four continents!

Dexter and Heidi do a Ballroomin' Blues demo to I Surrender Dear by The Kansas City Jazz Band at Bluesweet 2013 in Seoul, South Korea.

The instructors of New York City's Blues Blaze 2011 take turns dancing and mixing it up with each other providing some entertaining moments. In order of appearance: Dexter Santos (San Francisco, CA), Amanda Gruhl (Boston, MA), Damon Stone (Minneapolis, MN), Michelle Richter (San Francisco, CA), Tim O'Neill (Los Angeles, CA), Joy Arico (Rochester, NY), Shawn Hershey (Boston, MA), and Heidi Fite (San Francisco, CA).

Dexter and Michelle's signature Ballroomin' Blues class, Fred & Ginger Gets The Blues comes back again to Down Home Blues Festival 2011 in San Francisco, CA! In this video, you'll see a variety of lifts that have the leads sweeping the follow off their feet and resulting in flashy spins.

A solo blues class featuring Dexter's favorite solo dance moves with influences from Earl "Snakehips" Tucker to Michael Jackson as choreographed to a Porterdavis' version of Come On In My Kitchen, performed at Down Home Blues Festival 2010 in San Francisco, CA

Dexter Santos and Laura Glaess take 1st place in the Open Jack and Jill competition at bluesSHOUT! 2010, Austin, TX. Watch their entrance at the 3:12 mark.


Jerry Salmonte, a DC Lindy Hopper who blogs about dancing had this to say about this video in his blog, Wandering & Pondering:


"Pay attention to the all-skate at the end. This is usually the least interesting part of a dance contest because there’s too much going on to focus on any one thing especially on video. However, this contest is remarkable for the way Laura and Dexter dominate the all-skate in a way I’ve never seen a single couple do in any dance competition."

Dexter Santos and Michelle Richter take 1st place in the Strictly Ballroomin' competition at bluesSHOUT! 2010, Austin, TX. This is the 3rd time they have won the Ballroomin' Blues Champions title at bluesSHOUT!

A Blues dance performance by the group Zora to Nina Simone's Feeling Good at bluesSHOUT! 2010, Austin, TX. Group members include Damon Stone (Minneapolis), Sara Cherny (Chicago), Elizabeth Tuazon (Chicago), and Dexter Santos (San Francisco). Choreography by Damon Stone and Sara Cherny.

Dexter Santos and Michelle Richter perform a partnered routine to The New Orleans Jazz Vipers' rendition of Duke Ellington's The Mooche at Emerald City Blues Festival 2008 in Seattle, WA.

An exhibition of cutting skills by the featured instructors at bluesSHOUT! 2009 Chicago, IL danced to live music. In order of appearance: Joe DeMers (Denver), Heidi Fite (San Francisco), Damon Stone (Minneapolis), Michelle Richter (San Francisco), Dexter Santos (San Francisco), Danielle DeMers (Denver), and Don West (Miami).

Dexter Santos and Michelle Richter dance and act in a music video featuring the song Take Me Along by Carsie Blanton and directed and choreographed by Mary Kate Monahan. Though not considered Blues dancing, some familiar movements are applied. The film was shot in the ruins of Sutro Baths in San Francisco, CA. in March 2010.