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For me, Blues dancing is an outlet of expression for what I’m feeling in relation to the music. The rhythms in the music are what drive me to move and establish what would become of my dance. Through Blues music, I am able to express through my movements what can't be said but felt. With this dance having a rich history in the African-American experience, it comes as no surprise to me that this basic idea of expressing the inexpressible exists in dance today just as it did with those who danced to its early beginnings hundreds of years ago. In a time where expressions of love, sorrow, anguish, and protest could not be openly articulated without repercussions, dance was an outlet that gave dancers their “voice,” a cause to celebrate and be one with their community, and to live life in the moment. Though the context of our lives today has changed there are still parallels in our experiences today with those who came before us. As the human experience is a shared experience, we can all relate to what it’s like being able to communicate through our bodies and movement what we can’t seem to say with words...and the dances then become our conversations.

Since I started Blues dancing in 2005, I have grown as a dancer and as a person because of teachers who have inspired me and dancers who have shared their passion and talent on the dance floor. I have come to appreciate and love the music, the dance, the culture, and the history as it has enriched my life in wondrous ways. This dance has opened the door to a thriving global dance community where people can gather together and share their "stories" through dance. As an instructor, it’s my desire to share with you what I’ve learned and pass on this wonderful and rich tradition of Blues dancing. I hope to inspire you through my classes, performances, and in the dances we share in the way I was inspired when I first started.

I hope that you’ll find this site useful as a resource for increasing your knowledge of Blues dancing or keeping in touch with my work within communities in the U.S. and around the world. Please stay tuned and keep checking the “Latest News” section on the homepage for the latest content.


Enjoy the site and please visit as often as you desire!


See you on the dance floor,